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Just a few Gossip Girl recs because as long as there is even the slightest chance of Dan/Blair I'm gonna continue watching 41 minutes of crap each week when it's time for season 5. Yes, my love for these two has reached a ridiculous and pathetic and self-destructive amount of crazy but who cares. Luckily, there are some awesome people who wrote awesome fics!

→ Plus: Could it possibly get more adorable than this?

And everyone who doesn't know Dan & Blair, please take your time and get to know them. It'd make me ridiculously happy and there can never be enough Dair shippers out there.

can't find the words to write this song by shtiglitz
dan+blair; pg-13. "waldorf, what do you want? it's 4am over here."

miniature disasters and minor catastrophes by margottenenbaum & lookinglassgirl
dan+blair; pg-13. "you are possibly the most irritating person I have ever met."

sweetness never suits me by lookinglassgirl
dan+blair; pg-13. she’s not sure what she’s here for, why she came here at all, why she keeps coming here when it’s brooklyn; she’s blair waldorf and this is not how things are supposed to be.

varjak paul, in person by margottenenbaum
dan+blair; g. this is how the story starts: there's a girl and a boy and they can't be together.

you can lead me on all the way home by lookinglassgirl
dan+blair; pg. he’s slightly worried that she’s dead in a ditch somewhere when he doesn’t hear from her for another two days. by that time he’s managed to leave a number of embarrassing voicemails.

Also, if your wonderful fic is on this rec list and I haven't commented on it yet (shame on me), it's because I'm busy making an animated Dan/Blair moodtheme.
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