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lawyer up, asshole.

Yeah, so I'm kind of addicted to The Social Network fics at the moment. Mainly the fix-it-type and I desperately feel the need to share.

a warm place by sharpest_rose
mark+eduardo; pg-13. eduardo wakes up in a world where things went differently.

and knowledge and tears and chance by hope_calaris
mark+eduardo; pg-13. christy is a lunatic. unfortunately, that’s not the only thing standing between mark and eduardo.

compliance and liability by crosshair
eduardo & sean; pg. “if I’m the suez canal.” sean sidles up to him, his cologne an invisible rope, pulling tighter, tighter. “then you’re my great bitter lake.”

confessions by rei17
chris & dustin & eduardo & mark; pg. and after all dustin was all about being, you know, supportive.

drive all night by fairy_tale_echo
mark+eduardo; pg-13. that creepy car that reads your facebook feed to you.

four things that never happened to mark and eduardo during the depositions by reogulus
mark+eduardo; pg-13. again, you tune out the words. that tale is not told for you.

going under by reogulus
mark+eduardo; nc-17. i want you to listen, me of all people. i want to talk to you, mark, not talk at you.

if this was the cold war (we could keep each other warm) by oflights
mark+eduardo; r. mark is haunting eduardo, like in an annoyingly literal way.

let those i love try to forgive what i have made by hope_calaris
mark+eduardo; pg-13. mark has always cared for wardo in his own way. that doesn’t stop because of a lawsuit.

paper-thin by hope_calaris
mark+eduardo; pg-13. life stops on a friday, but nobody notices.

pizza isn't meant to hurt people by rei17
dustin & mark & eduardo & chris; pg-13. an easy enough question, right? right. but somehow wardo had been too busy starring at the back of mark’s head (he sat on mark’s bed and was supposed to be learning, except he wasn’t, not really) to say something along the lines of “anything except shellfish is fine, because one tiny piece of shellfish is probably going to kill me”. or, you know, something similar. maybe a little less dramatic would’ve been fine, too.

right in front of you by venus_aurea
mark+eduardo; pg. mark starts up an e-mail correspondence with erica, wanting to know why she dumped him so easily. he receives some unexpected answers.

some up-close kind of ache by reogulus
mark+eduardo, chris+dustin; pg-13. in the eyes of dustin moskovitz.

the laws of mark by hope_calaris
mark+eduardo; pg-13. hannah has no idea whatsoever what working as mark zuckerbergs’ pa really means.

trainwreck that i am (but i am what i am) by reogulus
mark+eduardo; pg-13. mark reads people in the same systematic and detail-oriented way he codes.

wishing well by leopardchic79
mark+eduardo; pg-13. mark finds out why dustin & chris are going to miami and decides to join them...

And for the ones who speak German:
we dream in endless strings of code by rei17
dustin & mark & eduardo & chris. manchmal schlief dustin auf marks bett ein.
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